Did Free fire a copy of PUBG?

Did Free fire a copy of PUBG?: Unraveling the Origins

“Heard rumors about Did Free fire a copy of PUBG? Our post dissects the origins and similarities between the two popular battle royale games.”

“Ever since Free Fire and PUBG burst onto the gaming scene, there’s been widespread debate among fans: Is Free Fire a copy of PUBG? Both games share the battle royale genre, but do they share more than just that? In this post, we’ll delve into the origins of both games, their similarities, and the differences, aiming to address this question. So, did Free Fire copy PUBG, or are they uniquely different in their own ways? Let’s explore the truth together.”

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Free fire and PUBG Mobile are both very competitive games. These games are very similar gameplay from each other. Two of the most well-known battle royale video games in the esports genre are Garena Free Fire and PUBG Mobile. Everywhere in the world, they both have substantial fan bases. Despite being classified as “battle royale” games, these titles have different gameplay and visuals. Even though these games were launched three to four years ago, fans still debate whether they were pirated. This investigation will examine all relevant data to determine whether any of these well-known BR titles have been taken from another source.

Look up the release dates to determine which is the original. Free Fire was initially made accessible on September 30, 2017, and PUBG Mobile was first made accessible on February 9, claim Krafton and Garena. Free Fire is not a duplicate of PUBG Mobile as the latter was published five months earlier. The second question concerns whether PUBG Mobile is a copy of Free Fire. The information that follows will make this assertion more understandable. also read detailed article about PUBG vs Free Fire.

Features of PUBG

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds mobile offers essentially identical gameplay mechanics to the PC version of the game, despite having been released considerably later than Free Fire. One of the top graphic design teams in the world, Unreal Engine 4, created and launched PUBG Mobile under the Krafton name. The game’s outstanding, extremely detailed graphics on high-end devices may produce frame rates of up to 50–90 FPS, giving gamers a genuine, lifelike experience.

Features of Free Fire

Most likely created by Garena, Free Fire was the first highly popular battle royale game on a mobile platform. Due to its distinctive and well-liked in-game components, the game is distinct and sticks out from other BR games. Free Fire, in contrast to PUBG Mobile, has a more arcade-like aesthetic and offers a variety of in-game features, including the use of pets, ziplining, surfing, improving player abilities, and customizing character and weapon skins. These characteristics increase the variety of gameplay options available to players. On powerful PCs, the game’s graphics can provide frame rates of up to 60 FPS.

FAQs | Did Free fire a copy of PUBG?

What distinguishes Free Fire from PUBG?

Garena Free Fire’s characters have cartoonish designs. Despite the improved graphics in PUBG Mobile, the Free Fire graphics are still playable. One area, character count, is where Garena performs better than PUBG.

What game steals Free Fire’s ideas?

IGN claims that the well-liked and well-known Free Fire may have served as inspiration for PUBG. Because they were so angered by this tragedy, some gamers asked that the PUBG developer reimburse everyone who had purchased the game.


Both PUBG Mobile and Free Fire are excellent games that have had a significant impact on the global esports scene. But their approaches to gaming are completely dissimilar. Given that PUBG Mobile and Free Fire each have distinct features that appeal to respective player bases, it is safe to assume that neither game is a carbon clone of the other.

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