PUBG vs Free Fire

Main difference between PUBG and Free Fire are both very interesting and popular games.  But both have very common features which confuse the player as to which game is best from both. So, to determine which game is better, we compare its various characteristics.


PUBG Mobile, in contrast to Free Fire, has no limitations on graphics, maps, or game modes (because of player count). PUBG’s layouts have a lot more detail than the Free Fire battlefields do, though. In addition to being more detailed, PUBG Mobile maps frequently have greater sizes than their Free Fire counterparts.


We have to admit that the Free Fire graphics are inferior to those of PUBG Mobile. This engine is used in both PC and mobile games, ensuring smooth gameplay and excellent graphics. Free Fire, on the other hand, uses Unity for its aesthetics. This engine is widely utilized in PC games, even though it is utilized on a much smaller scale. Although Free Fire’s graphics are inferior to those of PUBG Mobile, Unity is at fault. However, there is a benefit to this. While PUBG Mobile requires at least a mid-range phone to work correctly, Free Fire can be played on low-and mid-range smartphones. Additionally, the download size of Free Fire is far smaller than that of PUBG.


Don’t forget about the cars either! Both Free Fire and PUBG Mobile have vehicles accessible. A wide variety of cars are available at both ends. These assist players who want to use autos for more gameplay time. Driving makes map reading much easier, but it also makes you a much bigger (and noisier) target. It’s crucial to remember, though, that in PUBG Mobile, players have access to a greater range of vehicles. Additionally, users of Free Fire can only purchase cars and motorcycles, whereas users of PUBG Mobile can also purchase boats. This means that you can traverse water in PUBG Mobile just as easily as land.

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Let’s start with numbers, which are the fundamentals. Free Fire presently features 45 unique weapons, compared to 52 in PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile triumphs even though the difference isn’t particularly great in this case. PUBG Mobile wins another triumph for throwables because of its four different throwable varieties (as opposed to Free Fire’s one) (grenade). Players of PUBG can also utilize smoke, stun grenades, and Molotov cocktails in addition to grenades. The weapons in Free Fire and PUBG Mobile are additionally divided into more focused groupings, such as AR, SMG, LMG, Snipers, Shotguns, DMR, etc.


The shapes and sizes of the characters in Free Fire are very diverse. Each of them possesses unique abilities that allow players to benefit from various gaming experiences. As an illustration, Caroline, one of the characters from Free Fire, has the passive talent “Agility.” As a result of Caroline’s improved mobility, games are played faster and aggression is displayed earlier. Mind you, Caroline’s Agility is only one example. There are currently 32 characters in Free Fire, and all have unique abilities aside from Adam and Eve, the game’s beginning couple. Characters in PUBG Mobile, on the other hand, lack any unique skills. Although players can change their appearance in-game with apparel, PUBG Mobile doesn’t even have any unique characters.

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